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What is a bending machine?

maquina dobladora

Should you buy a Bending Machine for your company and want to know which one is the most suitable for your needs? We invite you to read the following post where we leave you all the necessary information to solve all your doubts.

What is a bending machine?

They are machines used mostly in the metal processing and manufacturing industries, at an industrial level there are two large categories of bending machines, tube bending machines and sheet bending machines.

Let's first see what a tube bending machine is and its main properties.

tube bending machine

They are machines made to give specific shapes to tubes and other materials with common characteristics such as beams, iron angles, among others.

These equipments, which provide many benefits and advantages to the companies that include them among their machinery, are used in a wide variety of fields, the metallurgical industry, ships, the electricity industry and many more.

There are several types of tube bending machines, each one is made to meet the needs of various companies, depending on their size or specific characteristics.

manual tube bender

Knowing what a manual tube bending machine is and the uses you can give it will allow you to know if it suits your company or project.

It allows certain jobs to be carried out, its cost is much lower than that of a hydraulic or CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) tube bender, however its uses are limited since part of the process involves the use of your own strength for the bending process.

Its precision and finish in details is not so exact and refined, it depends largely on who operates the machine, experience, care and good physical condition are necessary to obtain better results.

It is a low cost solution, compared to the other tube benders, with which you can start and grow your workshop or company to a certain extent.

They are machines with very simple mechanisms, even with the necessary knowledge and tools they can be built at home, lowering costs considerably, perhaps the results are not exactly the same as those of industrial design but they are very functional.

There are manual tube bending machines that are made so that they can be automated later with an additional investment, so if your budget or needs are basic but you plan to grow in this area, this could be an option for you and your workshop or industry.

hydraulic pipe bender

They are benders that work semi-automatically, they are made for all types of work, even the heaviest. The quality of work and attention to detail depends not only on the material being used, but also on the experience and expertise of the machine operator.

They are present in most large industries and professional workshops, although little by little they have been replaced by CNC bending machines, since they can carry out the same jobs, in a simpler way and with greater accuracy in the necessary details.

CNC pipe bender

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) tube benders are the highest level in their field, there are for all sizes and all jobs, they are very independent when it comes to doing heavy work.

Its independence when it comes to bending the tube allows it to be operated by anyone who has the minimum necessary technical knowledge, regardless of their physical condition or ability to perform manual work.

The operator should only be in charge of entering the data necessary for it to carry out the work on the digital screen of the bender, these include; diameter of the tube, material of which it is made, and the way in which the bends will be made, among some others.

They have practically no limitation in the shapes they can create, and their accuracy, and although we know them as tube benders, the truth is that they do not only do it with tubes, with some adjustments in their parts, they can bend various materials, flat parts, angles, among others.

Without a doubt, with this type of CNC tube bender, the work is carried out much faster and with greater accuracy in the specifications required by the work.

If you want to know more about what a tube bending machine is, I invite you to visit our article dedicated exclusively to them.

Where to buy a CNC tube bending machine?

At Aeromaquinados we offer you various options of CNC tube bending machines so that you can choose which one is the best for your industry.

Machine sheet bender

The last two centuries have been of great progress for industry in general, necessitating the invention of faster, stronger, and better machines to perform various tasks more accurately and better.  

The sheet bending machine is designed to bend, shape or curve sheets and metal parts that are then used in various industries for other projects.

Among its most important uses is the molding of vehicle bodies, sheets for ships and even airplanes. It has become an indispensable machine in many industries, without it it would be impossible to carry out many processes with the necessary speed and finish.

We already know what a bending machine is, but there are different types of sheet bending machines at an industrial level, the manual, the hydraulic sheet bending machine, the CNC electric sheet bending machine, let's see each one of them.

manual sheet bender

Its applications are for small jobs, not at an industrial level, at least not at this time where there are already others more suitable for those demands.

They are mainly used by small workshops, such as blacksmiths, pipe manufacturers or advertising companies that make illuminated signs. They require manual adjustments to get the job you want to do.

Therefore, a higher level of expertise is needed on the part of the operator. The great advantage of these is that if the material used is of small dimensions, there are models that can be transferred to the workplace and do the bending there.

Hydraulic sheet bending machine.

What is a bending machine and in what kind of work can we use it?

They are designed to bend large sheets of steel, aluminum and other alloys, they offer very good results for which they have been used for a long time in the industry, they are practically essential in industries such as the automotive industry and its production lines, since a high degree of efficiency and precision.

They have a pump and hydraulic cylinders that are responsible for driving and retracting the presser of the equipment. These have a high safety standard since they have emergency mechanisms to stop their operation at any time, which makes it possible to avoid accidents.

There are benders that offer you the possibility of operating hydraulically or electrically, depending on the preference of the operator or the characteristics of the work that needs to be done.

The most modern ones have a numerical control (CNC) that makes it easier to operate and allows for better results. Hydraulic sheet bending machines are the ones that have the ability to work with the largest and heaviest parts.

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) electric bending machine

They are completely automated machines, they work with electrical systems directly directed by a computer.

These benders are capable of bending metals more efficiently and accurately.

 The electric version is driven by an electric motor, it does not use hydraulic devices, it is much more efficient since it is only activated when the sheet is folded. 

The disadvantage of this type of benders is that they are not made to work with tonnages as high as the hydraulic ones.

If you still have doubts about what a tube bending machine is and which is the best bender for your needs, contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary advice for your company.

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